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Like the pale echo of a dream

"Do you also have this weird feeling that it’s becoming more and more unrealistic? Like it never happened. Like the pale echo of a dream which we had in the night, but which we started forgetting right after awakening?" - she asked him. But they HAD met. And touched each other. No matter how she tried to deny the uncomfortable reality. To pretend that it never happened. To let it fade away.

I stumbled upon this beautiful face in lviv and only Because I got off at a certain bus stop. I love the randomness of life. April 2023.

Kraków passageway. 8 July 2023.

Kościół Narodzenia NMP. Stary Lubin, 19 February 2002.

35mm film

Harvest Festival. 25 August 2013.

York. 9 September 2018.

Old neighbour

The beautiful and the damned. Wrocław, 14 May 2005.







Forgive me father for my sins

Wrocław. 21 June 2005.

Leaving the summit of Świnica. 10 July 2023.