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Deadly Hypnosis

Information Overload

Rocket thing

It was a devil let loose on the earth

The factory

North Sea sunset

Fly away little bird

The old man told the children to never play in the golden field.

First I heard the faint engines. Looking up I saw a white jetliner flying overhead from distant, exotic lands

Street lights turn on and we enter the twilight zone

The screens would die and turn black

Post communist Poland resembled a dystopian landscape, almost like science fiction

On a quiet side street in York I stumbled across a portal to a parallel universe

Faraway jet plane

I looked up at the twin towers one final time, never to see them again

Klan Land

The plastic bottle stood alone on the landscape

The moon shone through a hazy glow. Soon the monsters would emerge.

Appreciate those beautiful, fleeting moments in your short life on this planet

An amazing thing happened in Poland when Pope John Paul II died

Some nostalgic images and memories from Poland

The absence of bright light along with thick morning fog gave a stunningly atmospheric view of the old city


The leader moved slowly to the lecturn

Data Explosion

City approach

The gates to the EU

Biomimetics or biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems

AI clones

Sleeping AI

Its harsh, grey gothic architecture reminded him of a prison

The orange orchards

Brain in a jar

He was freer

The secretary

Dark shapes threw the bodies into the pit

Ocean discovery

Encrusted in icy snow like some gigantic futuristic castle

A new journey

The little drone flew into the sun

long ago over deep waters (Japan's gradual decline)

Trade Block Builders

The Museum of the Sixth Extinction

Homo sapiens, the last species of the Homo genus

A day in paradise

Escape to greener grass

The post-apocalyptic landscape was haunting, at times breathtaking

They both gazed at the giant, arcological dome

The ragged group squabbled over the source of the plague

The Fossil

The sky was becoming crowded with drones as of late



The UN officials were rounded up behind razor wire

The robot snarled at the human

The swarm

The AI brain never slept

The Soviet Monument had stood under the elements for nearly 70 years

Freedom in the coffin apartment

Talking heads

Humanity had eaten the whole world

The train

Soothing warm water from the shower head cascaded over his face