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Like the pale echo of a dream

"Do you also have this weird feeling that it’s becoming more and more unrealistic? Like it never happened. Like the pale echo of a dream which we had in the night, but which we started forgetting right after awakening?" - she asked him. But they HAD met. And touched each other. No matter how she tried to deny the uncomfortable reality. To pretend that it never happened. To let it fade away.

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Snake girl (2024) - 25/30 minute freehand. Fuck AI

Bumble bees buzz around me, collecting pollen from blackberry blossoms in the sunshine.

Sunday 16 May 2024. Father’s Day in England.

15 June 2024

2024 Trooping the Colour

Good morning

Onwards and upwards. 10 July 2023.

Japanese plant grows massively

Bazylika Mariacka, you just got Beksiński'd

21 May 2024. Looking back down the long Ozimska road towards Opole centre. A view I remember from many years ago.