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on my final day in Wrocław i returned to and bid farewell to the "gorgon of breslau". 24 may 2024

Laughing and luckily unhurt, her friends pull her off the ground. I had just got back after over a month in Wrocław, Poland. There on the beautiful main square I saw young people sitting, standing, drinking and enjoying themselves. In York I saw intoxicated, aggressive and noisy people everywhere, staggering around and falling over. Such is British binge drinking culture. Sad. And dangerous.

The Ukrainian flag flutters over York Mansion House, and yet another drunk, pink hen party girl falls over in York, England.

Manchester Victoria

York hen party hell. 25 may 2024

The girl on the train to york

Manchester Victoria

Manchester piccadilly

Manchester piccadilly

Return to the island: Gatley station, Manchester. 25 may 2024

Yelyzaveta and her aunt from Luhansk. Wrocław rynek, 23 May 2024.

The girl on the platform (Leszno)

looking closer in Poznań

Poznań today

get men

A female commuter on busy plac grunwaldzki, Wrocław. A flower, a wild mushroom and a snail. A skull with horns and a cigarette. Earphones and a phone. Those without tatoos are becoming the minority in Poland

Grabiszyń, Wrocław. 22 may 2024

schoolchildren from the lost world of oppeln

woman from opole

balcony smoke. opole

i wander the streets of poland looking for faces and figures from the distant past. human elements of german and polish civilisations.

opole rynek. 21 may 2024. i hadn't been to this town in nearly 20 years. but i remember this lady.

a gem from opole rynek

opole rynek has few human figures and faces. but here are some i discovered. 21 may 2024.

who will i photograph today? a stone face? a living person?

love is love

Poland is paradise on Earth

The most beautiful and intelligent woman in Wrocław?

Dominika Kowalczyk was born in Silesia. She spent most of her time in Wodzisław Śląski, and associates her adult life with Wrocław. She is a 6th-year medical student at the Medical University of Wrocław. She passed the exam in February and will soon earn her medical degree. She associates her future with cardiac surgery.