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Jobcentre visit in 2150

Joe scanned down the list of jobs while waiting to see his cyborg career adviser. Jeez, with all my body enhancements they're gonna make me work until 110. What do we have today?
spacecraft mechanic

off world soldier

underwater city welder

care worker - must be prepared to work with 200 year old patients....

Garbage Shifter


A Super-Intelligent Global Elite?

Thousands of years down the line, will we have a super-intelligent global elite? Or will the technological singularity cancel this out?

Up to 40% of a child's intelligence is inherited, researchers claim.

Escape to greener grass

At the vertical farm the alien mother cooed to her swarming brood, her bio-luminescent tentacles seeming to float in space, stroking their faces. Bill imagined ripping those feelers off. The nerve she had to speak so loudly here in her weird, clicking tongue.

The rotating troughs opposite held animals and plants from her distant world. Strange creatures inside translucent containers, still alive, making gurgling noises and pulsing purple, green and blue. The alien could still eat her childhood delights, but missed the weather back home. Earth was so hot and unpredictable.

Leaving the farm, Bill saw the faint shapes of gargantuan hives through the haze, built to accommodate the crawling masses. Several miles high. Teeming ant hills with them all sitting in their isolated cocooned worlds. Cosmic multiculturalism. Chattering in their alien tongues, or sending telepathic brain waves through the walls. They screwed his touch wall picture. He could hear no sounds from his telepathic neighbo…

The future of medicine - 17 areas







ELECTRONIC TATTOOS - Temporary Flexible Electronic Tattoos For Body Monitoring & Lifelogging











'5 reasons why I don't like aliens' (according to 25th century human)

1. They smell real bad (to us humans that is)

2. Their tentacles freak me out.

3. They're damn noisy, and their telepathic waves screw up my Wi-Fi

4. They suck as girlfriends, even when they're sexy. My buddy has an alien girlfriend and if it weren't for the special sealed suit and helmet she wears, her skin would have poisoned him long ago on first touch. Not much contact there. They make poison dart frogs look tame.

5. Their food is positively disgusting, especially the stuff that's alive while they eat it.

... hey, what's that saucer hovering above my house? Holy cow, alien abduction! Now I've got the whole alien universe against me!

Killer Bots

Captain Dornier bent over, studying the nanobot and its intricate engineering close up. His eyes like a child’s in wonder and awe.
‘It’s our latest creation Sir’ said the young scientist standing nearby. Our dominant position in military robotic sciences will not last forever. But this little gem will raise the bar and ensure we stay ahead of East Asia’.
‘What’s new’ asked the captain.
‘See the pointed nose here, that’s got a nano-nuclear warhead that will take out their heaviest armour. As soon as they appear on the battlefield our nano drones will swarm around them like locusts. The kinetic energy alone of one of these will take out any armoured goon. They just lock on and then BAM!’
‘Christ. That’s what we need right now. Another game changer. First came gunpowder, then the machine gun - atomic bomb - computers - drones - and now swarming clouds of tank-killing nuclear armed nanobots! How many have been manufactured?’
'We’ve currently got 5 million and counting. The clouds wil…

Places that yield those killer ideas

Under a hot power shower

In a busy coffee shop

At a secluded peaceful spot in the countryside. The lazy sound of buzzing bees, light aircraft overhead etc

Alone in your car on a regular commute

Listening to ambient music on a cycling machine in the gym

10 strategies to live longer

undergo anti-oxidant therapy use biomarkers - take blood samples detecting traces of future lifestyle diseases restrict your calories under DNA screening for diseases later in life get an electronic tattoo - temporary and flexible for body monitoring and lifelogging take an elixir of life get a hand held NMR device to scan your body for possible problems submit your personal data for health data mining go into suspended animation get into wearable robotics AKA exoskeletons - mobility scooters are so yesterday

Sharks disappear forever from Earth's oceans

Galaxy Report - Wire Release 6 August 2080

The last known Terran shark in the wild was eaten today, by a group of Chinese businessmen from the rich and powerful technology sector. 
Sharks had roamed the seas on Earth for 400 million years before humans, specifically the Mongoloid or East Asian races abruptly decimated populations within a century. 
Normally such mass extinction events originate from Space, the result of cataclysmic but rare meteor strikes. In this case however it was simply a sub race of hominids that grew to dominate the 21st century of human history. They spent their accumulated wealth on satisfying their craving of the delicacy 'Shark Fin Soup'. The East Asians would chop off the beautiful creatures' tails and fins in a process known as 'finning', discarding the bulk of the carcass back into the ocean. 
Biotech food firms are already exploiting the extinction of these ancient creatures by offering cloned shark cartilage. 
Attacks against the Ea…

5 Ways to escape death

1. Enter the afterlife, heaven, utopia - this is the ideal solution. But requires faith. And it might not happen.

2. Next best - make sure you survive and live to see the technological singularity, when humans could become immortal (or even extinct in a worst case scenario). We're talking mind uploading here. You need to follow the 3 bridges of radical life extension here - eat healthily, take special drugs (hardcore pill-popping) to eventually exploit the coming nanotech revolution - future medical devices floating in the blood stream etc.
3. Get frozen for the future and brought back from the dead. If you don't live there already you will be transported to the United States when you die to be kept in cold storage. This is still a huge gamble because cryogenics is still medically unproven and it could take around a century before it is discovered if the process is successful.
4. Die and return your body to the earth, but be digitally resurrected like Audrey Hepburn was recent…

Mind-reading implants connect mother and daughter on opposite sides of the planet

Mrs Robinson does not regret leaving Britain and settling in affluent Australia. And her mind-reading implant helps her to keep in constant touch with her mum.

'I'm so glad we got away from that cold, wet and crowded island on the edge of Europe. It was getting worse year on year. Climate change was wrecking the 'Great British Summer' - though that didn't stop Tesco treating us all like idiots, their shelves constantly stacked with BBQ food during the summer months. And the poor Eastern European migrants - God, they just didn't stop coming. When the Ukrainian wave hit us we decided that was enough. I never wanted to be far away from my mum but we found out about these miracle brain implants that allow you to read and communicate with your loved ones' minds. The operation itself was quite simple, nothing nasty and squeamish'.

Mrs Robinson, a migrant herself, albeit affluent one, lives in a beautiful suburb not far from the cooler southern coast. There is…

What will aliens look like?

They could in fact look remarkably similar to ourselves, according to the following logic:

They come from worlds similar to our own, and our bodies are an optimized design for an intelligent creature that lives on Earth

Standing upright, their limbs are free to manipulate tools for developing technology

A head on top is better for self defence and gathering food

Having eyes in their head allows a short nerve pathway to the brain. Those hoping for eyes on wavering stalks could be disappointed!

Their eyes would be relatively small like ours to avoid injury - stereotypical large eyes would be at more risk of injury in combat or hunting prey.

Self-replicating spacecraft

We couldn't see any windows or propulsion systems in the alien spacecraft. It seemed to resemble a living organism.