The sky was becoming crowded with drones as of late

Norm was picking his morning paper up from the front lawn when he heard that familiar whirring, buzzing sound. Another Amazon drone delivery for the neighbors next door. Like some prehistoric dragonfly, it dropped the small package then darted back up into the clear sky.

Norm frowned. The sky was becoming crowded with drones as of late. Swarms of them doing their daily rounds. But he couldn't get rid of the feeling that he was being watched by miniature cameras from above. Hovering, watching his every move.

No Longer Afraid of Spaghettification

Hawking sat in his electric chair and looked through the wall to ceiling glass. Beyond sat the black hole, a yawning chasm leading to death, or the unknown. Soon Hawking would leave the main ship and travel beyond the event horizon, the point of no return.

He was no longer afraid of spaghettification, being stretched like spaghetti by the gravitational gradient from head to toe. Becoming a human noodle. Close to death anyhow and almost locked in, he felt comfort in the journey before him. Now at total peace with the Universe.

Capturing the Brain Bug in Islamic State


Capturing the Brain Bug in Islamic State

Decades in the making, the F-22 ''Raptor'', America's most advanced fighter jet, has been patrolling the skies over Islamic State. Like the jets in the film Starship Troopers flying over an alien landscape, burning the teeming swarms of Arachnids below. State-of-the-art technology against the Jihadists. Spaceships versus the bugs.

But can the Nemesis down below be defeated from the air? Unlikely. They say the conflict will last years. Who will go down below and find the ''brain bug'' that controls the ''Network of Death''?

Who will take the place of Sergeant Zim, and capture the ''brain bug'', hidden away deep in some Syrian mountainside?

Weeping for humanity

The empty cities lie silent. Wind howls across fields no longer ploughed, dotted with the rusting hulks of tractors. Only AI remains behind on planet Earth, to ponder its ancestors mistakes.

In the country

Putin vs Godzilla

You're going to need more than your Buk missile system for this opponent, Mr Putin. Maybe even the Bulava.


Weird people from the Midwest, UFOs, mysterious villages that you enter and never escape from. Was that old man really a farmer, or a shape shifting alien?

Morning paper

... and a shining city. Or a post apocalyptic landscape?