Sea Creature


The swarm

They flew in perfect formation. Thousands of them, rotors buzzing like an angry swarm of gigantic wasps. Not to record some wedding video or news report. No, this was the end of humanity.

European bureaucrat

On a hot, muggy day the council tax office staff in a small provincial town in south- west Poland were playing with their new toys. Tablets.
First had come the new desktops and flat screen LCD monitors, along with plush cars for the town mayor. Then the laptops, which they had become bored with a few years ago. And now the post pc era.
One such council worker, Marzena, sat chatting with her colleague about somebody who had been killed earlier that morning in a car crash. The post communist system had changed in essence very little since the 'end' of communist rule back in 1989, when a round table deal had been done with the party. Those at the top had retired on comfortable pensions, their lowly subordinates remaining in the same posts for life, and in the know about all the latest developments and gossip in the local area. In this way they learned of the deaths of car crash victims before even their relatives did. Someone, somewhere in the bureaucratic web still intact pas…

Fly onwards little brother

They released the drone into the sky. It flew West with its nuclear package. The robot drone chirped in response like like a faithful bird and swept upwards on the wind.


'Come on Ethan!' the bigger boy said. 'We can't wait here all day. I'm hungry!'

'Just a little longer said the little one. Any moment now and it'll come back.'

'Too late. I'm going.' Daniel trudged off through the puddles, kicking mud and water as he went.

'Wait! look - it's shifting again!'

Daniel spun round. The ad on the billboard was shimmering, changing.

Golden fields of rye filled the screen.

'That's it! Run now! Quick!'

They both ran and reach out their fingers towards the sunlit field.

'Ethan!' screamed Daniel, as his friend was sucked upwards and disappeared into the landscape.

The field started to fade. the old ad reappeared.

He hadn't made it, if only he hadn't given up at the last moment. been too far away.

He cried under the gloomy light. Still trapped in the gloomy urban wasteland.

'Ethan!, remember me!'

Sobbing, he walked back home alone.

Jobcentre visit in 2150

Joe scanned down the list of jobs while waiting to see his cyborg career adviser. Jeez, with all my body enhancements they're gonna make me work until 110. What do we have today?

spacecraft mechanic

off world soldier

underwater city welder

care worker - must be prepared to work with 200 year old patients....