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12 events that will change the world

All these events at one time or another have changed or will change the world forever, respectively:

Alien invasion / Discovery of ET

Whether China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) detects a faint signal from deep space, or we wake up one morning to see a huge mothership hovering in low earth orbit - humanity will be stunned, shocked and fearful that fateful day.

The universe will never feel the same again.

Just one thing - will they be friendly?

Asteroid collision

The dinosaurs had a bad day 65 million years ago. A very bad day. We will too, if we're still around. A really big one won't just shatter windows and distract drivers like the Chelyabinsk meteor did in Russia in 2013. Pray we colonize some other planet before the next city-sized rock heads our way.

Discovery of extra dimensions

Extra dimensions sound like science fiction from some Philip K Dick story. But they could explain why gravity is so weak and the universe is expanding faster than exp…