Data Explosion

Planet Earth
early 21st century of the human era

We already seem to be in the midst of a data explosion, as huge data centers expand across the globe to hold the exabytes of our lives and minds. But it is more akin to the distant rumble of a coming earthquake, when The Singularity occurs and data spikes exponentially. When that occurs, what will the world look like? A humming technological utopia with a blinding star at its heart?

Some say data is limited by the finite number of human biological brains alive in the world.

That our brains can never hope to absorb all the knowledge we need in the world. That is a futile task and we can use tools like AI to help us cut through the noise to find what is truly useful to us for our goals in life.

Infographics can help us see patterns in heaps of data that threaten to overwhelm us.

But if an apocalypse visited Earth and all electrical power was lost - all that data would go too. So we cannot take for granted that what we see on our screens today will be with us tomorrow.

Have you printed out all your thoughts, musings and photos? Your autobiography? All that could be lost in a moment if war breaks out between the great powers.

But even if that comes to pass, does Google have a secret backup vault deep in some cold region of Earth? That would make our memories immortal? Just for aliens to one day read?