A day in paradise

The rich, beautiful couple lay on their sunbeds in the warm Florida sunshine. Eyes covered by dark shades, they played with their smartphones and tablets. Socialites tweeting to their global admirers.

Marissa wore a skimpy bikini, bronzing her body. She flexed her thighs. Her boyfriend Cameron chatted to some financial adviser on his cell phone.

'Cameron, it's so humid!' Marissa whined. 'Let's go cool off in the ocean!' 

Cameron smiled, stroking her smooth skin. 'Sure honey'.

They ran down to the sandy beach and paddled in the waves. Beyond them the clear blue ocean gently undulated. Waves lapped gently around their feet as they embraced to kiss.

Today they were in paradise, while most Westerners shivered to the north. Paradise? In fact not so long ago the luxury resort had been a swamp. Before humanity had tamed nature.

Later on Cameron and Marissa lounged about drinking chilled white wine. It was their final evening here. In the morning they would fly south to party in Rio. Such was the lifestyle of the super elite.

The next morning came. Their private jet was streaking across the blue sky, hardly any cloud in sight. Marissa raised a glass of orange juice to her lips and sipped, contemplating. 'Cameron, when are we -

The plane shuddered. The jet engine erupted in flames. They were falling towards the ocean like a stone.

If the jet had disintegrated on hitting the water they would have perhaps gone to true paradise in less than a second. But it didn't.

Marissa was flung from the plane into the clear, salty waves. Cameron sank to the ocean floor inside the fuselage, screaming as the pressure smashed his eardrums. Coming up for air, Marissa screamed. 'Cameron! Cameron! Oh my god, please god, help me'. No answer. She was alone. Or was she?

Around her bull sharks were circling. Then a Mako shark headed straight for her at close to 100 km per hour. Its black eyes haunting and lifeless. It was badly scarred across the head and had a large injury to the side of its mouth. The result of nearly getting finned by Mexican fishermen a few days ago.

It tore a large chunk off Marissa's right thigh. Blood streamed into the water, she no longer looked bronzed. The bull sharks went into a feeding frenzy. She screamed to God to save her. There was no answer. The lifeless, silent eyes. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Cruel nature. And where was God?

As they ripped chunks of flesh from her body, Marissa lay still and looked up at the blue sky. Each numb bite shook her head. Her eyes were wide open. And then her mind faded away from this world.


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