Can ISIS ever be destroyed?

Can ISIS ever be destroyed?

The battle against ISIS seems never ending. How can this be - after all this is no real state, surely?

It does appear to be nearing the end now. But the death cult seems immortal, if that makes sense.

It resembles some zombie that keeps on lumbering towards you, groaning. Whose brain you just can't manage to pulverize, no matter how many limbs you shoot off.

Like Michael Myers from Halloween, hiding behind the mask, mysterious and seemingly immortal.

Or the shape-shifting T-1000 in Terminator 2 that just refused to die at the climatic end. Morphing from one former victim to the next in its screaming death throes.

As elusive as the Xenomorph in Alien that constantly evaded Ridley's flamethrower.

No - ISIS isn't a physical entity we can just nuke off the face of the Earth or blow through some airlock into space.

It's in the hearts and minds of certain disallusioned and evil individuals in our Muslim communities.

An angry Hive Mind. That like the aliens in Independence Day - you can negotiate no peace with.

Something we will have to live with until it fades away by itself.

One day gone before we even realize it.


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