Sharks disappear forever from Earth's oceans

Galaxy Report - Wire Release 6 August 2080

The last known Terran shark in the wild was eaten today, by a group of Chinese businessmen from the rich and powerful technology sector. 

Sharks had roamed the seas on Earth for 400 million years before humans, specifically the Mongoloid or East Asian races abruptly decimated populations within a century. 

Normally such mass extinction events originate from Space, the result of cataclysmic but rare meteor strikes. In this case however it was simply a sub race of hominids that grew to dominate the 21st century of human history. They spent their accumulated wealth on satisfying their craving of the delicacy 'Shark Fin Soup'. The East Asians would chop off the beautiful creatures' tails and fins in a process known as 'finning', discarding the bulk of the carcass back into the ocean. 

Biotech food firms are already exploiting the extinction of these ancient creatures by offering cloned shark cartilage. 

Attacks against the East Asians have increased markedly in recent years, some environmental groups resorting to terrorism.

Others, like a man from Arkansas, screamed at a Luddite gathering: 'I hope ET comes down one day, chops off all their arms and legs, throws away the screaming carcasses and makes soup out of them!'.

Small numbers of sharks still exist in aquariums at various locations around the planet, closely guarded. 

Sharks once existed everywhere on Earth, ranging from tiny species to huge whale-like creatures.

The closest existing species similar to the Terran sharks are approximately 2.5 million light-years away in Earth's sister galaxy, Andromeda. They thrive on several large ocean planets there, where intelligent life has not yet evolved.


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