Mind-reading implants connect mother and daughter on opposite sides of the planet

Mrs Robinson does not regret leaving Britain and settling in affluent Australia. And her mind-reading implant helps her to keep in constant touch with her mum.

'I'm so glad we got away from that cold, wet and crowded island on the edge of Europe. It was getting worse year on year. Climate change was wrecking the 'Great British Summer' - though that didn't stop Tesco treating us all like idiots, their shelves constantly stacked with BBQ food during the summer months. And the poor Eastern European migrants - God, they just didn't stop coming. When the Ukrainian wave hit us we decided that was enough. I never wanted to be far away from my mum but we found out about these miracle brain implants that allow you to read and communicate with your loved ones' minds. The operation itself was quite simple, nothing nasty and squeamish'.

Mrs Robinson, a migrant herself, albeit affluent one, lives in a beautiful suburb not far from the cooler southern coast. There is no litter on the streets, the grass is well-tended and attractive shrubs are pruned to perfection. Even all the cars are brand new, clean and dent-free.

'Of course we can disable our implants at any time when we want privacy and just time not to think about anything. We just come off our brain-net' she said smiling, pouring fresh coffee for me in her shiny designer kitchen.


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