Killer Bots

Captain Dornier bent over, studying the nanobot and its intricate engineering close up. His eyes like a child’s in wonder and awe.

‘It’s our latest creation Sir’ said the young scientist standing nearby. Our dominant position in military robotic sciences will not last forever. But this little gem will raise the bar and ensure we stay ahead of East Asia’.

‘What’s new’ asked the captain.

‘See the pointed nose here, that’s got a nano-nuclear warhead that will take out their heaviest armour. As soon as they appear on the battlefield our nano drones will swarm around them like locusts. The kinetic energy alone of one of these will take out any armoured goon. They just lock on and then BAM!’

‘Christ. That’s what we need right now. Another game changer. First came gunpowder, then the machine gun - atomic bomb - computers - drones - and now swarming clouds of tank-killing nuclear armed nanobots! How many have been manufactured?’

'We’ve currently got 5 million and counting. The clouds will be so thick they’ll block out the sun. When the enemy tries to breathe they'll suck mosquito drones down their throats and up into their nostrils'.

A guard entered the laboratory.

‘Captain Dornier’

‘Yes Private’

‘She’s here again Sir’

‘What! Again? Damned peace prize winner. Well, let her in’.

The Captain felt anger erupting inside. That bitch again. She wants to outlaw my department. Ban our research. Her and that damned international campaign. 

A middle-aged woman entered in a bright green power suit. 

‘Captain Dornier’ 

‘Ah ha, Ms Bernstein. Another visit so soon after the last?

‘Captain Dornier, we cannot allow your military robotics programs to continue’

to be continued...


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